Our anti-slip system is a virtually invisible treatment that works by increasing the coefficient of friction when a surface gets wet. The result is that your foot will no longer slip out from under you.


It really is amazing !


It is effective with a wide variety of footwear, and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even where bare feet are concerned.


We can apply it with minimal disruption and downtime  and it can be walked on immediately following application.



How our anti-slip works



Stone/tiled flooring is naturally porous. Water collects, creating a hazardous slippery surface.



The anti-slip treatment bonds into the surface, without affecting the appearance or surface integrity of the floor.



The anti-slip reacts instantly with moisture, expanding above the surface to increase the coefficient of friction or slip resistance (SRV).



CLEANING - all floors must be cleaned thoroughly before our anti-slip product is applied, Antislipguys use specialist machines to ensure that your surface is spotless.

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