Slipping on wet floors can take a fraction of a second, while the consequences could last a lifetime. 


Did you know that slipping and falling is the 2nd largest cause of hospital visits in Spain ?


On rainy days terraces and steps become a danger zone. 

Every pool area, every floor thats just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant, every bathroom and every shower area - all are potential danger areas .


 Now you can make these areas safe.


 Antislipguys are the most recognised company for anti-slip application in Spain.


We can apply our amazing anti-slip treatment to your existing tiles, allowing you to have the benefit of anti-slip tiles for a fraction of the cost of replacing. There is no significant change in the appearance of the surface, and it is not a coating that will wear down or peel off.


We offer a FREE DEMONSTRATION and would be happy to visit your home or business so that you can see the results for yourself.


Don't wait for your next slip and fall.............

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